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    "The Chess Store - Australia's Largest Wood Chess Sets Specialist"

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All Our Real Wood Chess Products are AQIS & CITES Compliant

 Attention: Australian biosecurity requirements may apply - Before buying an item from overseas, you should ensure that any applicable biosecurity requirements are met. As the buyer, you are held responsible for doing this. If you are unsure about your purchase, visit the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website for advice. The department screens international mail and will confiscate any items that present a biosecurity risk.

  Chess - The Ancient “Game of Kings”

The Chess Store Australia Est 2008, are a wholly owned and operated family Company trading since 1996

The Chess Store Australia Chess Sets include New and Exclusive Ranges of beautifully master crafted Wood Chess Sets available in Australia today. We specialise in a range of Exclusive Fine Wooden Sets including Metal Sets that has now grown to be the largest and Very Best. This we have done in order to offer our valued customers a one stop shopping choice of different models and new designs all at competitive prices. 

Our Sets have all of the features that an enthusiastic Chess player and Collector looks for in a Premium Quality Staunton or Pre Staunton Chess Set. Our Chess Pieces are available in a number of Real Wood combinations like Rosewood/boxwood, Golden Rosewood/boxwood, Acacia Wood (Ringy Rosewood) /boxwood, Ebonised/boxwood, Ebony/boxwood, Sandalwood/boxwood, and  African Padauk/Ebony.

Our Premium "Luxury Collection" Chess Sets were developed over many years with great patience and research and are claimed to be some of the finest crafted Staunton and Artistic Chess Sets in the world today. We work closely in the designs with our Master Carvers and have strict and rigorous quality control criteria that ensures only perfectly formed pieces end up in our Entire Master Crafted Range of Chess Sets. Your Chess-playing experience is heightened even more by the feel and weight of a finely crafted Real Wood  Staunton or Artistic Chess Piece. These beautifully designed Wooden Chess Sets are all handcrafted in Northern India, the home of Chess by some of the worlds best master craftsmen. The collection includes the Latest Design Releases, Limited Edition, extremely rare and highly collectable sets of unrivalled quality. We hand select only from the finest of graded woods for use in the manufacture of our Chess Sets.

Most of our "Luxury Collection" Chess Sets are made from either Genuine Ebony, Rosewood, Red Sandal Woods or African Padauk woods, that are considered to be the quintessential chess sets by chess collectors and appreciated all over the world. For those insisting on the Very Best, this is the only collection to consider. We also make some sets in Acacia Wood, Golden Rosewood & "Ebonised/Antique Black" by a process of Staining Premium Ivory Boxwood.

Our Chess Pieces have beautiful natural finishes, are weighted and the bases have felt or leather pads that add stability and grace to the Chess Set, this also helps in preventing scratches on the fine inlaid wooden Chess Board, thus increasing the life of the Chess Set.


The Chess Store offers most of our Chess Sets with 2 FREE Extra QueensThese exquisite, robust Chess Pieces are designed to withstand the rigors of serious tournament play and are far superior to any production Staunton pattern Chessmen available today. If you are only looking for a Real Wood Chess Set as a centrepiece for that particular room at home, office or boardroom be sure to check out our full range you will be pleasantly surprised.

We believe that we do have one of the most comprehensive and unique range of the finest Real Wood Hand Carved Wooden Chess Pieces sets in Australia today. Please feel free to browse and thanks for visiting The Chess Store Australia.

 Chess liked by Generations…Will continue to be liked by many Generations to come

The Chess Store [Australia] are a wholly owned subsidiary of Carrom Australia Trust 

ABN 82 224 132 447,   ACN 078 985 145