Archers Brass Luxury Chess Set, Board & Case Combination - 97mm (3.8") King

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  • Archers Brass Luxury Chess Set, Board & Case Combination - 97mm (3.8") King
  • Archers Brass Luxury Chess Set, Board & Case Combination - 97mm (3.8") King
  • Archers Brass Luxury Chess Set, Board & Case Combination - 97mm (3.8") King
  • Archers Brass Luxury Chess Set, Board & Case Combination - 97mm (3.8") King
  • Archers Brass Luxury Chess Set, Board & Case Combination - 97mm (3.8") King
  • Archers Brass Luxury Chess Set, Board & Case Combination - 97mm (3.8") King
  • Archers Brass Luxury Chess Set, Board & Case Combination - 97mm (3.8") King
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 The Archers Brass and Metal Themed Luxury Chess Set with 97mm (3.8") King includes a 44cm (17") Brown & Red multi-colour Chess Board and an Attractive Wood Storage Case
Gifted sculptors, designers have contributed to the creation of this set, with deep respect for the ancient Greek civilization.
The figures are inspired by the most famous ancient marble art, and our themes offer a portion of Greek history and mythology, as it is recreated today in Greece for you.
The Chess Store Australia is proud to present this Chess Set as being of the finest quality and cultural value.
The incredibly detailed and world’s most beautiful Brass & Nickel Metal Themed Chess Sets are brought to life for you in our unique collection of close-up images. 

The discerning collector will instantly recognise the skill and expertise inherent in the creation of these high quality handmade themed chess pieces and chess boards.

These Chess Sets are created with the most advanced technology of die casting and metal plating. They are than varnished and finished by hand, combining the finest materials and the highest level of workmanship.

The luxuriant protective varnish finish is also extended to the chess board, no two of the chess boards can ever be absolutely identical and all feature exquisitely antique coloured brown & red enamelled inlays. The raised metal feet in each corner complete the elegant and opulent feel to these extraordinary luxury chess sets.

The ARCHER - Legendary in hunting, irreplaceable in battle.
In and out of the battlefield, archery has been a skill of great demand and appreciation. Apart from hunting, Archers were the legendary defenders of the city walls, and those that offered covering fire during the battle.
The twin Gods Apollo and Artemis were masters in archery and protectors of the archers. Philoctetes is  one of the famous archers, who carried the mythical bow of Hercules.
It's the Pawn that gives the title to this themed chess set - in the form of the Archer of Greek warfare.
Like the pawn in chess, the Archer was sometimes underestimated in ancient battles and yet the clever tactical use of the archer often proved decisive - so make sure you use your pawns to full advantage as well!
Often used to provide cover to the advancing forces, the archer's personal defence was largely his distance from the enemy due to the long range nature of his weapon.
The fierce and precise penetration of the arrow, even through helmets, could be devastating -particularly when targeted at parts of the body unprotected by armour.
Many knights considered the role of archers to be unfair in battle because of the range of the arrow and the distance from which they could attack - only hand-to-hand combat was considered to be honourable.
The intelligent use of the archers was crucial in order to maximise their effectiveness. 
The lack of body armour meant that they had to be kept at distance and away from toe-to-toe combat not only to maintain their advantage but for their own personal safety otherwise the result could be devastating.
A key function of the archer was in the area of ambush - either to initiate the ambush against the enemy or to defend against enemy ambushes.
But it was in the defence of the besieged city that the archer could play a really decisive role. 
Located high up on the battlements, the advantage of height meant that the archers were able to maximise their leverage in terms of how far their arrows could reach.
Indeed, so effective were the archers in this role that it lead to the development of the portable tower which the advancing army would place against the city walls in an attempt  to overcome the massed ranks of archers.
Finally the Castle is a reproduction of a pillar, the basic symbol of the architectural style during that period.
  Don't miss your chance to own a portion of Greek history.

Manufactured in Greece since 1970 these themed chess sets are designed essentially for the serious collector, gracing homes and offices around the world.

Themed Chess Pieces:
  • King height Approx: 97 mm (3.8")
  • King base diameter: 3.0cm
  • Gold and silver coloured
  • Handmade from zinc alloy
  • Brass and nickel plated
  • Lacquered to create a luxurious feel and to prevent tarnishing
  • Heavy weighted chess pieces for an opulent feel

Brass Chess Board: 

  • Brass over pressed wood
  • Featuring exquisite Red multi coloured enamelled inlays
  • Lacquered to create both a luxurious feel and prevent tarnishing
  • Raised metal feet in each corner complete the feeling of elegance and opulence 
  • Overall dimensions: 44cm x 44cm (17" x17")


  • Chess board included
  • Attractive Wood Case that holds the chess pieces & board

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