Chess Set for the Blind or Visually Impaired 33cm (13")

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  • Chess Set for the Blind or Visually Impaired 33cm (13")
  • Chess Set for the Blind or Visually Impaired 33cm (13")
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33cm (13")
Chess Set for the Blind or Visually Impaired 
Deluxe Chess Set
The Chess Store Australia is pleased to offer our specially created brand new design chess set for the blind and visually impaired chess players.
Together with our supplier/manufacturer we've been through a process with the Braille Chess Association in the UK to approve the design of these chess sets.
As required by the Braille Chess Association, these Chess sets have the following characteristics:
All the dark Golden Rosewood squares on the Braille chess board are slightly raised above the white maple squares, each square has a hole in the centre where the chess pieces are placed.
We have used a popular Staunton design, where t
he chess pieces are pegged so each piece has a short piece of dowel underneath which fits into the holes on the chess board.
All the dark wood pieces are specially designed to be identified by touch and have slight spikes, to designate the piece colour for both tournament and league play.
These special designed adaptations allow a visually impaired player to distinguish the squares and pieces by touch.
We sincerely believe that there are no other sets that can be compared with our brand-new, all wood Chess set that we now present.
The heavy-weight playing Chess board is 33cm (13”) made from genuine Golden Rosewood and Maple, the chess pieces are made from fine Golden Rosewood and Boxwood, and will look elegant on any surface,
In summary, there have been many Chess sets made over the years, only a very few have ever been adapted to be played by the blind.
This is a must-have set for any blind Chess-player, Chess collector, it is a one of a kind with an all new feel and touch presentation for Chess.
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