Edinburgh Antique Luxury Chess Pieces Set with 108mm (4.25") King in Red Sandal Wood

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The Edinburgh Antique Luxury Chess Pieces Set with 108mm (4.25") King in Red Sandal Wood and Ivory Boxwood

Chess set also includes Two Free Extra Queens and a Bonus Billiard Green Cloth Pouch with Tie Cord (RRP $9.95) to hold your Chess pieces.

Our New and Exclusive Edinburgh Antique Pre Staunton design Luxury Chess Set is hand crafted by some of the master craftsmen in the world today. The Chess pieces are made from Premium Grade Red Sandal Wood and boxwood.

Genuine Red Sandal Wood is considered to be the quintessential chess set by chess collectors all over the world.

Red Sandalwood/Blood Rosewood is becoming more and more rare and there are restrictions in the harvest and export of this wood. It is one wood that has many different natural beautiful shades of Red, so all Chess Sets come in a combination of colours and shades of Reds/Maroon, as this is the natural characteristic of the wood. Limited supply and restrictions of this rare wood will cause prices to continue to increase each year. 

One of the more elegant designs which were popular from 1835 until the end of the Victorian period was the Northern Upright or Edinburgh Chessmen.

This design of Chess set was Invented just a few years before the Staunton design, it became very popular until the end of the 19th century in northern Britain and also among naval captains.

The set is alleged by Howard Staunton to have been designed by Lord John Hay and marketed mainly in Scotland by Jaques of London.

The Edinburgh Chess Club chessmen along with St George style inspired Cook, Staunton and Jaques that eventually led to their creation of the famous and now standard Staunton Design Set.  

In the continued effort to resurrect a lost art, The Chess Store has produced an accurate recreation of the original Northern Upright Chessmen. 

The Edinburgh Antique design has Staunton chess set qualities with an 18th century look.

While not an exact antique reproduction, this chess set has features which you would see from chess sets made during the early 1800s.

The king measures 108mm tall (4.25"), all Chess pieces have Brown Leather  Base Pads and a hand polished lacquer finish producing a beautiful lustre and includes 2 Free Extra Queens.

Note: The Chessboard shown in this listing are for photographic purposes only and is not included with the purchase of these Chessmen. 
You never actually own an Edinburgh Antique Pre - Staunton Chess Set. You merely look after it for the next generation.

The Edinburgh Antique luxury Chess set is a perfect combination of distinct beauty and functionality. It has been designed to withstand the rigors of practical play while maintaining elegance which has become the hallmark of The Chess Store in Australia.

This set remains as one of the most elegant designs during the Victorian era and will surely impress any chess connoisseur and collector.


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