Hans Berliner Contemporary Wooden Chess Pieces Set with 95mm (3.75") King in ANTIQUE BLACK. LIMITED STOCK

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  • Hans Berliner Contemporary Wooden Chess Pieces Set with 95mm (3.75") King in ANTIQUE BLACK. LIMITED STOCK
  • Hans Berliner at The Fifth World Computer Chess Championship in Cologne June 1986
  • Hans Berliner Contemporary Wooden Chess Pieces Set with 95mm (3.75") King in ANTIQUE BLACK. LIMITED STOCK
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 Hans Berliner and Carl Ebeling, developers of HiTech at Carnegie Mellon University

The Hans Berliner Contemporary Chess Pieces Set with 95mm (3.75") King in Ebonised Boxwood & Bonus Chess Pieces Pouch

*Chess set also includes Two Free Extra Queens and a Bonus Billiard Green Cloth Pouch with Tie Cord to hold your Chess pieces.

Hans Jack Berliner was born in Berlin, Germany on the 27th January 1929. A former World Correspondence Chess Champion from 1965–1968. He is a Grandmaster of Correspondence Chess, and an International Master for the over-the-board chess. He directed the construction of the chess computer Hi Tech and a chess writer. He learned chess at age 13, and "it quickly became his main preoccupation." In 1949, he became a master, won the District of Columbia Championship (the first of five wins of that tournament) and the Southern States Championship, and tied for second place with Larry Evans at the New York State Championship. He also won the 1953 New York State Championship (the first win by a non-New Yorker), the 1956 Eastern States Open directed by Norman Tweed Whitaker in Washington, DC, ahead of William Lombardy, Nicolas Rossolimo, Bobby Fischer(at age 13) and Arthur Feuerstein, and the 1957 Champion of Champions tournament.

Berliner played for his country's Olympiad team at Helsinki 1952, drawing his only game on the second reserve board. Berliner played four times in the US Chess Championship. In 1954 at New York, he scored 6.5/13 to tie 8-9th places; Arthur Bisguier won. The last three times Berliner played in the U.S. Championship, Fischer won the tournament. In 1957-58 at New York, Berliner had his best result, 5th place with 7/13. In 1960-61 at New York, he scored 4.5/11, tying for 8th-10th place. Finally in 1962-63 at New York, he scored 5/11 for a tied 7th-8th place. Berliner was talented at all aspects of chess. He gave a multi-board blindfold simultaneous exhibition at the Washington Chess Divan, winning all six games against top local players.

Berliner is remembered most for his feats in correspondence play, most notably his victory in the 5th World Correspondence Chess Championship in 1965. He won with the extraordinary score of 14/16 (twelve wins, four draws), a margin of victory of three points, thrice that of any other winner in these championships. Our New Berliner Contemporary Style Reproduction Chess Set is beautifully hand crafted by master craftsmen from premium grade Ebonised Stained Boxwood and Boxwood. 

This *Chess set has a Tournament Standard 95mm (3.75") tall king, all Chess pieces are heavy weighted for extra stability, have tapered bases with luxurious billiard cloth base pads. They are hand polished which results in a beautiful lustre finish. (Total 34 Chess pieces includes 2 Extra Free Queens)


Note: The Chessboard shown in this listing are for photographic purposes only and is not included with the purchase of these Chessmen.

All our Chessmen exemplify a perfect combination of distinct beauty and functionality. They have been designed to withstand the rigors of practical play while maintaining an elegance which has become the hallmark of a The Chess Store chess set. The design, quality and craftsmanship of this set is UNMATCHED by any set of Chessmen in its price range and nothing even comes close!

Hans Berliner at The Fifth World Computer Chess Championship took place in June 1986


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