Max Ernst Luxury Chess Set with 89mm (3.50") King in Ringy Rosewood includes 50cm (20") Chess Board

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  • Max Ernst Luxury Chess Set with 89mm (3.50") King in Ringy Rosewood includes 50cm (20") Chess Board
  • Max Ernst Luxury Chess Set with 89mm (3.50") King in Ringy Rosewood includes 50cm (20") Chess Board
  • Max Ernst Luxury Chess Set with 89mm (3.50") King in Ringy Rosewood includes 50cm (20") Chess Board
  • Max Ernst playing chess with his wife Dorothea Tanning
  • Max Ernst Luxury Chess Set with 89mm (3.50") King in Ringy Rosewood includes 50cm (20") Chess Board
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Marcel Duchamp, enjoying a chess set designed and presented to him by fellow artist, Max Ernst.
To say that Duchamp was an avid chess player would be an understatement. He played at approximately expert to master strength, and it is well known that he had during the later part of his formidable career as a visual artist given up the pursuit of art in favour of chess.


Max Ernst

This chess set is inspired by the famous fellow artist Max Ernst. 

Duchamp & Max Ernst are considered by many critics to be one of the most important artists of the 20th century. 

The Limited Edition, Reproduction 1943-44 Max Ernst Luxury Chess Set with 89mm (3.50") King, in Premium Grade Ringy Rosewood (Acacia Rhodoxylon) includes a 50cm (20") Olive Burl and Wenge veneer Chess Board & 2 FREE Extra Kings.

Having Sold Out of our first release earlier than expected, The Chess Store Australia is proud to re-release this popular Limited Edition Max Ernst Luxury Chess Set complete with a matching Chess Board.

Max Ernst was born at Bruhl, near Cologne, the son of Philipp Ernst, teacher of the deaf and amateur painter, and his wife, Luise nee Kopp. Ernst was a  painter, sculptor,  graphic artist, and poet. Ernst is considered to be  one of the primary pioneers of the Dada movement and Surrealism.
Painter and sculptor Max Ernst designed this set for The Imagery of Chess exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery in New York in 1944–45. 
Ernst’s famous chess set is a beautiful balance of hard angles and delicate curves. The design reflects contemporary trends in modernism, particularly as he blended traditional Western chess piece designs with forms derived from African, Oceanic, and Native American art.

The Chess pieces are crafted from Premium Grade Ringy Rosewood (Acacia Rhodoxylon) & Antique Black BoxwoodThe King measures 89mm (3.50") with a base diameter of 42mm (1.65") and all the pieces have been expertly and meticulously hand carved. The Chess pieces are weighted, fitted with luxurious billiard cloth base pads, buffed polished by hand to give it a rich long lasting shine, and also includes 2 Free Extra Kings.

Traditionally the king with the cylinder cut at an angle is the tallest piece, however in this set the largest piece is actually the queen and is composed of 3 cones and a dish and tops the king in height. This is an unusual departure from convention that may reference the importance of the Queen's power in the game. This exquisite design forms one of the more elegant modern chess sets in our collection. Even more when setting up the Chess Pieces on the Chess Board, it should be in the right direction with the black square in the left corner.  

Included is our New Release Custom Designed Executive Flat Chess Board measuring 50cm X 50cm (20" X 20") hand crafted with natural Olive Burl and Wenge veneer. The olive burl veneer is very unique, it is one of the most beautiful timbers in the world and each chessboard is never the same with another one. Wenge wood is a dense, durable hardwood from central West Africa that is used in flooring, furniture, cabinetry and wood carving. The grain is straight with the coarse look of bamboo slivers. The colour is dark brown with streaks that resemble animal claw marks and lighter patterns that are wavy. The high quality woods with their natural grains used in this chessboard provide an elegant appearance. Our picture will accurately reveal much about colour, quality and design of each chess board but sometimes the colour may vary due to natural wood grains.

"The Max Ernst Luxury Chess set is one for The Chess Connoisseur, Collector and Boardroom."

  As with all of our Chessmen, the Luxury Series of Chess sets exemplifies a perfect combination of distinct beauty and functionality. It has been designed to withstand the rigors of practical play while maintaining an elegance which has become the hallmark of a The Chess Store chess set.

The design, quality and craftsmanship of this set is UNMATCHED by any set of Chessmen in its price range and nothing even comes close!.



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