Mix & Match Your Own Chess Pieces & Chess Board Sets

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Mix & Match Your Own Chess Pieces, Chess Board, Chess Case & Chess Clock

Looking for something different from this range, then why not mix and match your own Chess Set.

When you're enjoying a high-stakes, engaging chess match, it's only fitting to use the finest quality and unique crafted Chess Pieces from our range.

From the CATEGORIES Menu, start by selecting your Chess Pieces, Chess Board and finally you may wish to add a Storage Case or a Chess Clock.

Here at The Chess Store Australia, you’re guaranteed to find premium quality chess pieces available in a variety of woods, designs, colours, sizes, and types to populate your board.

For some real fun and variety, think about collecting several unique chess pieces to mix-and-match with and put some real variety in your matches.

Play with a set that best describes your mood. Are you calm & serene, bright and expressive, or eloquent and full of flair today? Make your choice!

Have a try at Mixing and Matching and if you still are still unsure, call us and speak to an expert.



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