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The Formidable Greek Roman Army Brass Luxury Chess Set with 97mm (3.8") King

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  The Formidable Greek Roman Army Brass and Metal Luxury Chess Set with 97mm (3.8") King includes a 44cm (17") Antique Brown multi-colour Chess Board and an Attractive Wood Storage Case
Inspired by Greek and Roman history, the incredibly detailed and worlds most beautiful Brass & Nickel Metal Themed Chess Sets are brought to life for you in our unique collection of close-up images here at The Chess Store Australia.

The discerning collector will instantly recognise the skill and expertise inherent in the creation of these high quality handmade themed chess pieces and chess boards.

Don't miss your chance to own a portion of Greek history, manufactured in Greece since 1970 these themed chess sets are designed essentially for the serious collector, gracing homes and offices around the world.

Handmade from zinc alloy, finished to an incredibly high standard and lacquered to prevent tarnishing, each of these sets of theme chess pieces is accompanied by a brass chess board.

As with the gold and silver coloured theme chess pieces, the luxuriant protective lacquered finish is extended to the brass chess board as well.

No two of the chess boards can ever be absolutely identical and all feature exquisitely antique coloured brown enamelled inlays. The raised metal feet in each corner complete the elegant and opulent feel to these extraordinary luxury chess sets.

This period was characterized by fierce local as well as international wars.

The story begins in third century Greece! Plagued by internal localised wars between the various autonomous kingdoms within the Greek Empire itself, external threats began to emerge at this time, including that of the expanding Roman Empire.

The Bishop, Knight and Pawn in this Greek-Roman themed chess set are indicative of the ferocity of the wars during this period.

It was in Southern Italy in BC.291 that matters first came to a head as the Romans came into conflict with the Greek colonies there.

The help of Pyrrhus, the Greek King of Epirus and a renowned general, was requested to defeat the Roman threat. Initially successful, the Roman pressure eventually proved irresistible and the Greek cities came under Roman rule.

The King and Queen are given the postures of those in command.

The Greeks, allied with the Empire of Carthage (present day Tunisia) lead by Hannibal, then became involved in the 45 years of Punic Wars against Rome. Philip V of Macedonia had entered into a pact with Hannibal only to be defeated ultimately following the series of three Macedonian wars which lasted from 215 BC to 168 BC.

These wars culminated in the Battle of Pydna in 168 BC, the decisive battle which effectively ended Macedonian rule and established Roman rule throughout Greece.Nevertheless, a further uprising in Macedon lead by Andriscus who claimed to be the grandson of Philip V, followed in 150 BC.

This uprising was ruthlessly defeated by the Roman legions and the establishment of an on-going Roman presence in Greece resulted.In response to this permanent Roman presence, there was a rebellion by the Archaen League, comprising the Greek cities which were still independent from Rome. 

The rebellion, which took place in 146 BC, was quickly defeated and, in the wake of the defeat, the Romans completely destroyed the ancient city of Corinth.

After many years of wars and battles, Greece was now finally established as a province of the Roman Empire. 

Finally the Castle is a reproduction of the pillars or columns that were characteristic of the architecture of that period.
A Gorgeous Luxury Chess Set that will look beautiful in your home or office!

Themed Chess Pieces:

  • King height Approx: 97 mm (3.8")
  • King base diameter: 3.0cm
  • Gold and silver coloured
  • Handmade from zinc alloy
  • Brass and nickel plated
  • Lacquered to create a luxurious feel and to prevent tarnishing
  • Heavy weighted chess pieces for an opulent feel

Brass Chess Board: 

  • Brass over pressed wood
  • Featuring exquisite Antique Brown multi coloured enamelled inlays
  • Lacquered to create both a luxurious feel and prevent tarnishing
  • Raised metal feet in each corner complete the feeling of elegance and opulence 
  • Overall dimensions: 44cm x 44cm (17" x 17")


  • Chess board included
  • Attractive Wood Case that holds the chess pieces & board

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