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The Greek Mythology Large Brass Luxury Chess Set with 114mm (4.5") King includes Chess Board

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Product Description

 The New Release Greek Mythology BLarge Brass and Metal Themed Luxury Chess Set with 114mm (4.5") King includes a 54cm (21") Antique Brown Chess Board.
Inspired by Greek History and Mythology, the incredibly detailed and world’s most beautiful Brass & Nickel Metal Themed Chess Sets are brought to life for you in our unique collection of close-up images here at The Chess Store Australia.

The discerning collector will instantly recognise the skill and expertise inherent in the creation of these high quality handmade themed chess pieces and chess boards. Don't miss your chance to own a portion of Greek history.

Manufactured in Greece since 1970 these themed chess sets are designed essentially for the serious collector, gracing homes and offices around the world.

Handmade from zinc alloy, finished to an incredibly high standard and lacquered to prevent tarnishing, each of these sets of theme chess pieces is accompanied by a brass chess board. As with the gold and silver coloured theme chess pieces, the luxuriant protective lacquered finish is extended to the brass chess board as well.

No two of the chess boards can ever be absolutely identical and all feature exquisitely antique coloured brown enamelled inlays.

The raised metal feet in each corner complete the elegant and opulent feel to these extraordinary luxury chess sets.

This spectacular themed luxury chess set based around the Greek mythological figure of Poseidon.
Poseidon is the King of Melos, the characteristically bearded 'God of the Sea', carrying his Trident, - ready to strike the ground at any moment to create earthquakes, floods and drowning's!
The famous statue of Poseidon discovered on the Island of Melos, originally created there c.130 BC, provides the perfect anchor for this exquisitely detailed themed chess set.
Athena is the Queen, the goddess of wisdom, war, and household crafts (textiles and spinning) and from whom the great city of Athens takes its name.
This themed chess piece is based on the Athena Promachos (the 'Warrior') created by the Athenian sculptor Pheidias.
It was originally erected in the Acropolis in c.456 BC, later to be transferred to Constantinople. 
Complete with helmet, aegis (small shield or breastplate) and lance, the original bronze statue stood some 9m (30 feet) high and could be seen from many miles away.
The Bishop featured in the following image is inspired by a bronze statue now housed in the National Museum of Athens, dated towards the end of the second century BC from the Hellenistic Period.
Sculpted by Pheidias in c.566 BC has inspired the Knight, a horse with its rider based on an original from the marble facade of the Parthenon.
See for yourself the elegant flow and level of detail in the following images of this themed chess piece.
The Stele of Aristion provides the inspiration for the Castle.
Dating back to c.510 BC, the funerary stele (or grave monument) of Aristion, an Athenian bearded warrior, is now safely housed in the Department of Sculptures in the National Archaeological Museum, Athens.
Discovered in 1839, the original stele stands some 2.4 m high and, according to the inscription on the base, was the work of Aristotle's. '
The figure is seen wearing a kyne - a type of leather cap.
The Pawn is a representation of a Spartan soldier dated c.500 BC.
The soldiers comprising the Spartan army are legendary and undoubtedly deserve their reputation as some of the greatest warriors that have ever lived.
Hardly surprising when you consider that only the strongest babies were allowed to survive (infanticide was widespread) and that they were taken from their parents at the age of 7 years to train, and spend most of their lives as, soldiers. Harsh conditions, physical hardships, emotional deprivation, the endurance of pain and self-denial were all used to create a brutalised fighting man. 
 A Gorgeous Luxury Chess Set that will look beautiful in your home or office!

Themed Chess Pieces:

  • King height Approx: 114 mm (4.5")
  • King base diameter: 4cm
  • Gold and silver coloured
  • Handmade from zinc alloy
  • Brass and nickel plated
  • Lacquered to create a luxurious feel and to prevent tarnishing
  • Heavy weighted chess pieces for an opulent feel

Brass Chess Board: 

  • Brass over pressed wood
  • Featuring exquisite Antique Brown multi coloured enamelled inlays
  • Lacquered to create both a luxurious feel and prevent tarnishing
  • Raised metal feet in each corner complete the feeling of elegance and opulence 
  • Square size: 50mm
  • Overall dimensions: 54cm x 54cm (21" x 21")


  • Chess board included


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Product Reviews

  1. Perfect Gift To Treasure. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Feb 2017

    Create a family center piece .Beautiful art pieces in their own right.Nicely weighted .Fits neatly in to the chess piece storage case board as well.The board looks just as good in real life as on the screen.Enjoy.