Throughout the history of Chess, nothing has made such an impact on the design of Chessmen as the introduction of the English Staunton Chess pieces. The Staunton Pattern Chessmen were first offered to the public for sale by Jaques of London in 1849 and quickly became the standard for serious tournament competition.

The original Staunton design was registered to Nathaniel Cook in the spring of 1849. The design bears the name of the self-proclaimed world champion and English Shakespearean scholar Howard Staunton, who approved the new design and promoted it in his London Illustrated News chess column.

John Jaques invented the now industry standard Staunton design of Chess pieces in 1847 and have continued to enhance the design since the 1890s. The 1890's production was widely used in Chess tournaments at the time and the modern Jaques equivalent, according to the rules of Chess, continues to be used in some of today’s tournaments.

The Staunton with new enhanced designs, has now become the industry standard for Chess sets ever since.

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